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Predictive Analytics Features

Although companies want to leverage the benefits of machine learning, the cost and expertise required to make use of it can be a roadblock for some. The cost of deploying machine learning could arise from hiring a team of data scientists to analyze the data, and installing expensive hardware required to analyze massive data. Cloud-based machine learning solution offers a more cost efficient way to analyze vast data.

Prime offers two types of solution to implement predictive analytics in your company:

  • We apply our proprietary predictive analytics engine to develop a case specific solution for your predictive analytics need. Prime‚Äôs PA Engine describes how our predictive analytics engine works.
  • We help you to get best out of your investment in cloud machine learning packages such as IBM Watson or Azure Machine Learning.
Cloud based solution Proprietary model Building your own team
Need to hire a team X
Need to invest in software X
Us proprietary engine X
Need cloud machine learning X
Support X
Development time <1 month 1-2 month >3 month
Price Lowest Efficient Highest