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Prime Predictive Analytics Overview

Data is not just about facts and figures.
It’s the oxygen of your business.
Your analytics are only as good as your data.
It tries to indicate how the path ahead for your business is likely to be.

Business leaders today want analytics which helps them to sense the direction, understand, equip, act and empower themselves about their businesses while exceeding customer expectations. They also want analytics that assists them to successfully chart the course of their business and widen its scope.

Competitive landscapes prompt businesses to not just be happy about how they function and thrive, but also ensure how their customers perceive them; increase their satisfaction levels and how they attune to newer needs.

The Futuristic Outlook

The journey from descriptive analytics to visual analytics and the recent foray into predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics is a testimony to the pursuit of excellence!

Descriptive analytics show how your business currently fares. It is still considered popular among line managers in fishing out issues and fixing those. Visual analytics bring in the missing edge with its ability to information and scientific visualization. It focuses on analytical reasoning backed with interactive visual interfaces. But, BI and visualizations are not all that you would need for your business. You also need your analytics to tell you future indicators so that you take the right steps to act on them, now! Precisely, predictive analytics does this for you! It assists your business to prepare for the future.

Predictive analytics uses advanced and intricate machine learning methods to analyze historical data. It finds the hidden patterns and trends in the data and applies them to predict future trends and behaviors. Predictive analytics helps executives, line managers, program managers and leaders to make informed decisions early in the cycle. Prescriptive analytics is the final frontier in data analytics. It offers choice options and allows you to take advantage of the data-driven predictions.

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The pursuit for excellence demands innovative and intuitive outlook – the path is no more new, but the direction is!

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With predictive analytics, get ahead of the game ahead!

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Steering with Knowledge

With powerful predictive modeling, your business can leverage overwhelming data to:

Drive Smarter Decisions from Data
Discover relationships and patterns that are not visible to the human eye and can serve as actionable insights to drive smarter decisions.

Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Recover and prevent improper payments from scoring potential payments, claims and benefits for errors, fraud, waste, and abuse.

Automate Manual Processes
Employ machine learning on both structured and unstructured data (text analytics) to streamline approvals of claims and benefits, and find documents of interest (e-discovery).

Prioritize Resources and Maximize Productivity
Consider predictive analytics to score cases where there are overwhelming numbers to process, search, or audit quickly. Examples include payments, hotline tips, and complaints; applicants for benefits, cargo shipments, products pending approval or patents, and others – ranking them so that managers, investigators, and auditors are more productive and efficient, and focus on the most valuable cases.

Prediction of Outcome for Complex Diseases
Apply machine learning to analyze the vast quantity of data which is collected on a daily basis from patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Operating Rooms (OR), and Emergency Rooms (ER), to discover patterns, predict the outcome and more importantly, suggest ways for care planning.

Patient Readmission Prediction
Unplanned patient re-admission to emergency rooms is a big driver of healthcare cost and burden for patients and caregivers. Machine learning can be used to make accurate decisions about the timely release of patients to avoid unnecessary re-admissions.

Sprint to Excellence!

Businesses are keen on realizing the benefits that machine learning provides. As the leader in predictive analytics, Prime focuses on empowering you with fresh insights into the way you conduct your business. Our expertise in predictive analytics leverages machine learning capabilities across IBM Watson, Google Analytics, AWS, and Windows Azure to serve your business just what it needs. We analyze your needs in-depth, help you in predictive modeling and create just the right predictive analytics solutions for financial instituitions, insurance companies and healthcare organizations around:

Amazon Machine Learning

  • Fraud detection
  • Demand forecasting
  • Click prediction
  • Flag suspicious transactions
  • Personalize content
  • User activity

Google Analytics

  • Business Continuity
  • Data Retention
  • Privacy Regulations
  • Verify Data Collection
  • Fix Mistakes
  • Expose Hidden Visitors

IBM Watson Machine Learning

  • Targets developers, data scientists and very advanced business users who want to build their own analytics pipelines
  • Drag-n-drop graphical interface
  • Seamless integration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Export predicted data to Excel
  • R and Python support
  • Publish your model to a web service

Azure Machine Learning

  • Targets developers and data scientists
  • Takes away all complexity, just do file upload, get your data analyzed and get insights
  • Data discovery
  • Guides on what drives prediction