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Predictive Analytics for Healthcare

Prime recognizes that Precision Medicine and personalized care plans are the future of Healthcare. With predictive models in healthcare, professionals can learn and reap the benefits of machine learning. Healthcare improvement, competence in clinical administration, personal care plan management, chronic disease management and supply-chain efficiencies are key areas that healthcare professionals can gain.

To realize this future, Prime is collaborating with experts in various fields including:

  • Ten years of Academic Engineering Research
  • Major Hospitals
  • Leading Care Providers

The outcome is a powerful and highly accurate patient-specific Healthcare Predictive Analytics engine that focuses on:

  • Converting a priori understanding of basic physiology and pathophysiological processes into a set of mathematical equations from structured and non-structured data sources
  • Taking advantage of intricate feature extraction techniques for robust indicators and precise predictions
  • Superior performance in prediction, predictive modeling in healthcare & classification of informatics

Talk to us at Prime, if you are looking for a partner that understands the intricacies of healthcare predictive analytics and can help you develop meaningful analytical models and indicators that can help amplify your business.