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Prime recognizes that Precision Medicine and personalized care plans are the future of Healthcare.



Creating a compelling data and analytics strategy is at the core of every successful insurance company.


Financial Services

Every company is inquisitive about its future and wants to be adequately equipped to deal with it


Our PA Framework

Prime's distinct PA approach focuses on learning and building on “experience” from each condition. We extend and apply this learning model as we assess data connected to multiple conditions. Data mining for business intelligence and predictive analytics are at the core of our tech philosophy.

Our machine learning engine applies:

  • Proprietary feature engineering methods and deep learning
  • Machine Learning (ML) / Computational Intelligence (CI)
  • Non-linear Dynamic System Analysis (DSA)
  • Data mining techniques


ML Advantage:

  • Quick and easy predictions
  • Accurate predictive models leveraging cognitive capabilities
  • Zero code based deployment

Powerful Customer Intelligence:

  • Customer-centric processes
  • Individualized and contextual insights
  • Smart and powerful analytics

Self-service Dashboards:

  • Intuitively designed for optimal CX
  • Orchestrate real-time information with simplified views
  • Data drilling capabilities to quickly examine across the data hierarchy

Intelligent Search:

  • Faster and relevant results
  • Contextual search across the data hierarchy
  • Custom visualization capabilities on top of indexed search

Our Services

Machine learning automation

  • IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Complex data integration
Fraud & Security Intelligence
Decision management

Predictive modeling

  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Insurance Analytics
  • Financial Analytics